What’s Perfection?

balletThe ballerina embodying it?

092c1f604a7c2a610d2ff2839b8c90efThe jazz musician improvising it?

Yoga NamasteThe yogi connecting with it?

ella fitzgeraldThe singer crooning it?

portugalThe photographer capturing it?

vogueThe model portraying it?

babyWe’ve all got it.

…how do you express it?

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14 thoughts on “What’s Perfection?

  1. Wow! Fabulous post!

    But how do I express perfection? That’s tough! This is it: As a seeker and student of life – I will never find “it,” because I will always be learning.

    I hope you feel good about this post – it’s glorious!

  2. I suppose our being-ness in itself is perfection. I enjoyed looking at these vibrant, energetic, and quite perfect images. Thanks!

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