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I’m a NYC based stylist who works for magazines and ads (yes, I SHOP to pay the bills), and a mom of two (very awesome) kids. My calendar gets filled to the brim with photo shoots, field trips and a shit-ton of other to-dos that most working moms can relate to.

To me, family time matters. It’s the little moments – like watching G shake it up to Call Me Maybe (will she ever outgrow this song?), or seeing M’s silly face as he recreates a story from the school lunchroom, that give meaning to my day.

It’s when DH (seriously, those are his real initials—I’m not doing that darling husband thing) calls a family meeting to make our Grammy picks, and gives his falsetto rendition of each nomination so we’re familiar with the songs.

But these sweet moments, irresistible as they are, lose meaning when I’m not connected. If I’m not taking care of myself, I lose patience in the kids’ persistent curiosity. I’m unwilling to find play-time in the clean-up. My sense of joy in these magical moments of childhood disappears. I can’t be at my best.

So that’s what this is about:

 Tamina’s Turn => Taking My Turn + Turning Towards My Highest Expression

of  Mind+ Body+ Soul Connection

Here’s what it could look like:

  • Dancing out loud with the crowd at the Radiohead show
  •  Letting loose in my living room to How Soon Is Now
  • In yoga — flowing on the inhale, releasing on the exhale
  •  Flying free on the trapeze
  • Sitting still to the tune of my breath

My mind+body+soul connection can look like a lot of things, but it always has movement (even in stillness!), and a sense of letting go that leaves me feeling free.

I’m hoping to inspire your turn at turning towards your highest expression of the mind+body+soul connection.

Let’s get moving…

photo 1*

xx + big hug


76 thoughts on “About

  1. Tamina is the little girl living inside me whose sole role is to get things moving, oh lovely, so beautiful a expression. Loved it

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections,
    I feel you may find something of your interest.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I will be checking in often with yours as well. Lots of inspiration…I love to just cut loose to the radio in my kitchen sometimes, too—even though my hubby thinks I’m a little out there sometimes 😉

  3. That’s such a great way of looking at things, your child is how mine should be and not a sulky little snot (accordingly to my therapist), with an attitude problem, I shall work on it forthwith! x

  4. Thank you for your visit. I enjoyed reading your ´about` & how you spend your time with your awesome kids. We – I have twin girls (btw awesome :)) – love to dance too – free dance and moving story dance. It makes feeling free and enjoys a lot. Will come back to take a tour on your blog – I already spot great pictures. Cheers from Tuscany, Katharina

  5. i love this approach to life, and when things get crazy-busy, as it sounds like your life does to, it’s important to remember to take it down a notch and just fully embracing the world. i look forward to reading more and thanks for stopping by and liking my words as well – best, beth

  6. Both my family and friends have asked, do you ever just let go?? Up until now, the answer was no. I was afraid of looking silly while dancing, waking up with a hangover so I had a limit, being laughed at by my grunts in a workout. Now that I’ve taken up pole dancing/fitness, the dance part was my least favorite…BUT I’m learning to let go and be free and express my emotions through dance. I’m now excited and eager to find my inner tamina! Thank you for liking my video…very encouraging that little “Like” button 🙂

    Will DEFINITELY pay it forward… 🙂

  7. J, Thank you so much for sharing your comment. I’ve tried S Factor before. It was a one time experience that I enjoyed, but felt that it was so far from who I am and what I do. It’s been in my mind lately (since starting TT) to give it another go, and after finding your blog I’m even more encouraged. I look forward to following you as you grow pole stronger! Perhaps I’ll even join you along the way!

  8. Girl! You are preaching to the choir! Mom have a never ending list of tasks to accomplish daily. There is a saying that goes “A man’s work is sun up to sun down but a woman’s work is never done” Love your blog

  9. There is a saying that goes “A man’s work is from sun up to sun down but a woman’s work is never done.” I don’t think it could’ve been said better. Love your blog girl keep up the amazing work!

  10. Lovely to see that, you hold onto your inner child… We sometimes soon forget how to be silly, play and dance..
    Keep holding on to that love … as you do you inspire others…
    Blessings to you…~

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